27/02/2014 23:44
There is no legal analysis that could possibly justify a 20-million-euro court arbitration threat!
the decision refusing to publish the information about a 20-million court arbitration threat
(...reportedly somebody somewhere some time said something to the minister...)
Minister said that there exists such a legal analysis and that we should ask for it in accordance with the law on information freedom. Now the ministry writes something about a "spoken legal analysis whose content was not written down"!
The minister said that in his decision he had been influenced by a legal analysis - now his ministry claims that "in the matter no separate written material that could be called a legal analysis was created..."
The ministry says: "Minister was talking about the problem in question after he had discussed the matter with the internal lawyers of the Ministry of environment (without them stating their legal opinion in a written form) as well as after he had consulted the legal situation with the members of the committee who was dealing with the appeal (a spoken legal analysis whose content was not written down)."
So the internal lawyers and the members of the committee ("experts on legal theory and practice") have reportedly said something somewhere some time to the minister.
To this chitter-chatter the minister, the mayor and the prime minister are referring.
Minister had promised - Maroš Stano has decided as follows:
"... i s  n o t  c o m p l y i n g  to the request ... ... - sharing the information - a legal analysis according to which Slovakia would have to face a court arbitration for at least 20 million euro in case the licence for the Čermeľ – Jahodná uranium exploration territory was not renewed, because at the moment when this request was submitted, the obligee does not have the required information at its disposal and has no knowledge of any entity that might have this information available..."