14 November (WEBNOVINY) - Iodium tablets, used in case of accidental leak of radioactive material, that are distributed to citizens living close to Jaslovske Bohunice power plant, will be avaliable also in Trnava from 19. november. This tablets will be delivered directly to homes of those who live in 30 km perimeter of the the power plant. 


Mining of uranium in Košice ??? 

Do you know, where hazardous uranium mining  is about to start? 
Ludovika Energy ltd. is about to start mining site in Kuriškova location near Košice city. After years of exploration. 
All this despite the biggest environmental petition in history and negative statement of municipality authorities.  

History of project


Košice citizens have in living memory petition against the uranium mining.
Back then, it was a victory, acknowledged by city council, which banned the mining.
This did not stop mining companies. They continue with their plans. That is why we need to continue in our work as well ...