From a declaration of a negative opinion to concrete requirements for a uranium mining ban

02/05/2013 15:34

(press release)



* Once the mining ban is incorporated into the land use plan of the Košice Region (and consequently to ÚPN HSA Košice), we will come to uranium-free Košice *

The council of the Košice Region (KSK) has approved the requirement to incorporate a ban on mining radioactive minerals into obligatory regulations of the land use plan for the area Čermeľ – Jahodná where currently a geological survey takes place (resolution no. 563 signed on 2 May 2013).
It has also added a ban on radioactive minerals mining in other deposits in the region.
The resolution proposals originating from the basic unit of the Slovak association for preservation of nature and countryside Košice 2013 have been adapted and offered for the council vote by Ján Süli (a council MP for the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union - Democratic Party).
These mining restrictions have - now that the resolution is signed by the region president - become a legitimate integral part of a proposal to create changes and complements to the land use plan of the Košice Region.
After many anti-uranium declarations without a legal force the first legal objection preventing the mining starts to emerge (which can discourage entities potentially interested in mining).
After preventing the legislative attempt to exclude municipal communities from participation in the decision-making process according to the geological law (more than 7000 quickly obtained signatures under the collective change proposal against the amendment of the law) this is the 2nd distinct success of mobilization of responsible citizens.
We appreciate that the KSK has exercised its right to indirectly prevent the mining without a risk of being claimed for a financial compensation for a canceled investment.
Following this decision, the memorandum that was signed in December 2012 by the minister of economy Malatinský and the European Uranium Resources mining company loses its importance, too, and its complete cancellation - since it is a useless commitment now - is our next logical requirement.

Košice 2013 - basic unit of the Slovak association for preservation of nature and countryside

In Košice on 2 May 2013

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