Geological exploration provisionally stopped but the uranium-mining threat is still here

15/08/2013 09:30

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The persistent pressure of the general public against uranium mining in Košice at the Kurišková deposit has been greeted with success. The minister of environment Peter Žiga has cancelled the previous decision in favour of the Ludovika Energy mining company that prolonged their licence for geological exploration of the area and has returned the matter to the ministry office to be reconsidered and decided anew. By doing so he has fully complied with the protest of the General Prosecutor's Office against the previous decision.

By his previous decision the minister had clearly wanted to meet the requirements of the mining company and the cancellation of the decision is, among other factors, also a result of his own anti-uranium proclamations that he made under pressure of protesting people.

Unlike the previous time, at the new negotiations in the matter representatives of the affected municipal communities, many of which have - after citizen protests - declared their negative opinion on uranium exploration and mining activities, shall be present, too.

Žiga's government colleague Malatinský (the minister of economy) with his memorandum of understanding signed with the mining company has - for the time being - remained the only uranium mining supporter.

However, even though the City Council of Košice approved two resolutions declaring its negative opinion on uranium mining, a mining ban has not been included to the currently ongoing process of updating the city's land use plan. All the suggestions towards doing so have been rejected without any explanation. Even the appeal of the civil association ZO SZOPK Košice 2013 to mayor Richard Raši (who has declared himself an opponent of the mining) to include the ban into the land use plan didn't help.

Despite the facts above, the elected representatives of the city and the country pretend that they are doing everything possible to prevent the uranium mining. In reality they are trying to avoid taking relevant steps that could prevent the Mining office from issuing a mining licence to any company interested in mining uranium in Košice. Why?

Double-dealing of some politicians and the contradiction of their declarations and actions is a signal that uranium mining and processing still remains a real threat of the century for the city of Košice and its neighbourhoods.

In Košice on 15 August 2013

ZO SZOPK (basic unit of the Slovak association for preservation of nature and countryside) Košice 2013
JUDr. Mgr. Ladislav Rovinský - chairman


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