01/01/2014 12:32



On 30 Dec 2013 TREND (a Slovak weekly magazine) has published an interesting article titled "The secret world of lobbying: How it works in reality?" ( ), in which one can find an information that Ludovika Energy and its Canadian parent company European Uranium Resources have hired a lobbying group named Neuropea to help them push through their uranium-mining interests and to formulate the "right" pro-uranium arguments. 
However, there are other - even more interesting information - that have not been mentioned in the article. For example the information that the (former?) PR and public affairs consultant of the Ludovika Energy Ltd. uranium company Maroš Havran, who in 2005 was a spokesperson and advisor to the former minister of economy Pavol Rusko, is now also employed by the Neuropea lobbying group. Therefore the following statement from the TREND article is directly applicable to him: 
"There are cases when former MPs or government/state employees start working as lobbyists and profit from their former contacts." 
- in this particular case a former government employee Havran - spokesperson and advisor to the former minister of economy - has started working as a lobbyist for Neuropea and Ludovika and is able to profit from his former contacts at the ministry of economy and/or elsewhere. 
Besides, the Čermeľ-Jahodná exploration territory for uranium-molybdenum ore was defined by the decision of the Ministry of environment of Slovak Republic on 21 March 2005 that became valid on 19 April 2005. At the same time, Maroš Havran was employed as a spokesperson and an advisor to the minister at the neighbouring Ministry of economy (until August 2005).
An interesting "coincidence", isn't it?