18/04/2013 14:52

The mayor, the region president and the minister have all rejected the uranium mining. So what more do we want?
18 April 2013 14:52

The "rejection" of the mining as presented by the City Council led by the mayor Richard Raši and assisted by the minister of environment Peter Žiga solves nothing. It creates no legal objection to a continuation of the geological survey and it will not be able to prevent the mining either.
We have clearly declared what we did expect and what we are still expecting from our elected representatives:

1. We demand the municipal authorities and the Ministry of Environment to initiate a cancellation of the "Memorandum of understanding" that was signed by the Ministry of Economy and the mining company. The memorandum was signed without the municipalities and the Ministry of Environment being aware of it. The memorandum puts the Slovak Republic to an unfavourable position as it doesn't rule out the possibility of reclaiming a financial compensation in case the survey is cancelled or the uranium mining is not allowed. (This fact was confirmed by minister Žiga, too).

2. We demand the municipal authorities to investigate the legitimacy of the decision to prolong the period for the geological survey, which was made without a proper notification of the city of Košice as a participant of the decision-making process (as well as without a notification of the rest of affected villages).

3. We demand the municipal authorities to set obligatory regulations for the geological survey area that will represent a guarantee of a moratorium on mining radioactive minerals.

Slovak association for preservation of nature and countryside
Basic unit Košice 2013